I Quit

After two months of struggling, I've quit breastfeeding. Today is day number 1, and it's surprisingly really hard to give up. I've had so many problems and frustrations and I couldn't wait to quit breastfeeding, but now that I am it's sad and I sort of don't want to. It's not really a choice that I am able to make though...my breasts have made the choice for me. Still not enough milk. Eva is not exactly stoked about the change either. She is used to formula and the occasional bottle, but she's not really diggin' a bottle ALL the time and she's quite vocal about it.

Life with Eva is getting easier. It was quite a shock to the system for the first month. Around week 5 she started sleeping about 5-6 hours straight at night, and she now sleeps about 8-9 hours. Its sooooo wonderful! It was a very welcomed change. With all the sleep she gets, she is quite a happy baby. The best change of all, was about two weeks ago when she started smiling for the first time! She's doing it more and more now, so it's more interesting to interact with her. She just keeps getting better and better :)


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