Coffee and Tea Dates

In the last two weeks, I have had a lot of wonderful coffee and tea dates. Sometimes I don't realize I've been hanging out and talking to a baby for days without going outside...yeesh. So my many coffee/tea dates have been a wonderful welcome. It's nice to get out of the house.  And nice to have a reason to tidy my own house. I was a total mom and I made toasted coconut shortbread cookies. They were quite delicious, and my date thought so too!

This weekend I am in for more visiting and more getting out of the house. Steve and I are going on a road trip to visit our lovely friends. The boys are going rock climbing and us girls are doing girl things, like shopping and getting white chocolate peppermint mocha's at Starbucks. We are also attempting to make homemade lasagna complete with homemade noodles made in a pasta machine. It's pretty much going to be a great weekend.


Erika said...

Oh, I love tea and shortbread. Yours looks like it turned out so great!

Hey, we saw those special friends of yours today and, in case they don't remember... we are sending are love for your family with them. Have a very sweet time.

Anonymous said...

Oh the amazing tea, cookies and visiting! Eva is soo precious and adorable and couldn't have a better mommy! I can't believe how cute all her little expressions are, aww!! Hope you have a wonderful time in Calgary, that will be so nice to get away for a little holiday!

Anonymous said...

woops forgot to say that was Tarilie.

Kin said...

Thanks Erika! It was my first attempt at shortbread, and it was actually tasty! Our friends did remember to send your love...they said "Say hi to Kin and Steve...and their little poo?" That's right...we call her "The Poo" So thanks...we send our love right back!

And thanks Tarilie! We did have a wonderful tea date didn't we? We will have to do it more often.

And thanks to both of you for being my faithful commenters!

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