Dr. Phil Would Be Ashamed

We ran out of coffee creamer. Steve and I argued for over an hour this morning over who should go to the store and buy more. I was stubborn, and was positive that I would win. I did. Now I am drinking a cup of coffee, and it tastes wonderful...like victory. I was beginning to think I couldn't convince Steve that it was his job to do it. He kept saying so adamantly that he wouldn't do it, and that he didn't care if he had coffee this morning or not...I did care. I needed my caffeine fix. I was almost ready to throw in the towel and go get it. But he caved first. That's what marriage is all about...being right. And winning.


Arden said...

Wow. What a wonderful philosophy. I'll keep this in mind for the next time me and Erika get into a discussion.

Thanks for the advice!

apaintersmind said...

Anytime...I've got more where that came from :)

Erika said...

My husband is so freakin' hilarious.

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