Shots and a Chatty Girl

Eva's 6 month immunization shots were MUCH better than 2 or 4. She was really "off" for a week or so after her other shots, not to mention she had a scream during them that would break your heart in a million pieces. I had tears streaming down my face at the first shots! Luckily Steve was there and was holding her. This time, I was the one holding her. She was all happy and babbling away "ga ga ga" and she babbled right up until the first needle went in. I don't know if it was smaller or something, but her reaction was really delayed and when she cried it wasn't an ear piercing, heart-breaking cry. She did cry though, and she sometimes tries to comfort herself by talking to herself, so she was crying "Waaaaaa! ga ga....waaaaa! ga ga" It was really cute :) But flip her over to the other leg and do two more....ugh, I really hate doing that to my child. Steve and I know how bad they are and we skipped out on our shots about a month ago. We still have to go next month, so we are really going to have to psych ourselves up.

We did give Eva Tylenol this time, 30 minutes before we left, and later in the afternoon when she was a bit cranky. That really seemed to help and she has continued to sleep through the night, only waking up slightly early this morning (8 am). It has been a much better round of shots this time for sure. She still has a hard lump at the injection site. It seems like it would be really painful, but it really doesn't seem to bother her.

On another note, but in the lines of Eva talking to herself (which I LOVE), I took a cute video of her yesterday chatting away in her Jumperoo.


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