Irish Food Me Lassie

The third installment of Secret-Secret Geography Club was last night....Irish food me lassie. Surprisingly......SO GOOD! Best month yet. Not even kidding.

I began getting ready earlier in the day by making Irish Soda Bread topped Dill Cream Cheese and Smoked Salmon.

The recipe said to make a Chive Butter....but my taste buds told me that cream cheese, dill and smoked salmon make a killer combination, so I did that instead.

The sliced Soda Bread waiting for some toppings.

Lindsey and Joel made Colcannon (a potato/cabbage cream soup), that tasted as delicious as my own Polish Grandma would have made.

Dan's dish was the crowning victory and everyone couldn't get enough.

He had marinated a roast in Guiness (Irish Stout), and then slathered the top with crushed garlic, rosemary, thyme, fresh ground black pepper, and then covered the whole thing in bacon.

This was the dish straight out of the oven.

The sauce was made by reducing the stout/garlic/rosemary/beefy juices until it became thick like gravy. Everyone couldn't get enough of that sauce. Lindsey claimed it was so good, she would eat it on anything...including poured into a smoothie.

We even had Irish Names:

Dan & Lisa a.k.a Sean & Shannon O'Flannigan

Joel & Lindsey a.k.a Fergus and Fiona McFunk

...and Steve and I a.k.a Molly and Paddy O'Finnigan (McGinnigan..begin again)

Notice how we all wore green?

Ooh! And there was Irish dessert...

Bailey's and chocolate ice cream...mmm.

And of course the drink of choice for the evening:

Yay for delicious new food and good friends! Cheers!! (raises my glass of Guinness and/or Irish Whisky and/or Bailey's)

When our belly's were full of Irish food and we had drunk enough Irish stout, we began to think about how we would determine next month's culture of cuisine. Steve's brilliant idea was to each pick a country we REALLY wanted to do, then have a Settler's of Catan Showdown and the winner gets their country next month. Love it!

The contenders were Vietnamese (changed from Mongolian), Cajun, Spanish Tapas, Korean, Greek and Lebanese.

I was vying for Vietnamese, but trying to help out Lisa since she was playing for Greek food.

We fought hard and deliberated each move.

But eventually, Dan and Korean food won out.

Lindsey was sad...she really wanted Spanish Tapas.

And thus concluded an evening full of delicious food and delicious friends. Considering it is St. Patty's day, I urge you to make some Irish may be pleasantly surprised.


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