Never Buy a Condo

If I EVER consider buying a condo when we go house shopping, please KNOCK SOME SENSE INTO ME!! We currently are renting a condo, and as much as I like this place, I really hate that it's a condo. There's all these condo association rules, and even though everyone here owns their place (except us of course), you can't change anything without getting the condo association's approval. One time we got the monthly condo newsletter, and one of the units was called out and shunned for "failing to get the condo association's approval when they replaced their front door"....sinners! How could they THINK that they could replace their front door without asking?! It might not MATCH the other front doors of the rest of the condo's which would be an ABOMINATION!

Last week the guy next door to us was renovating...awesome. Every little hammered nail was heard by yours truly LOUD AND CLEAR. Not only was it heard by me, but by the two sleeping babies I had that day. Truly...awesome.

This week, the shingles are being replaced. Thanks for informing me. And thanks for starting to stomp around on the roof, scraping off old shingles and hammering new ones, right as the babies drift off into slumberland for their morning nap. Oh and thanks for making it sound like you have a stampede of 2000 lb elephants with you as well. The sleeping babies will LOVE that. And so will I when they are whining and crying because they haven't slept all day and I'm ripping my hair out for lack of sanity. Really awesome.

You know what else was awesome? Them getting started bright and early ripping off more shingles at 8:30am this morning. Yeah, I'm real glad it was my day off and I got to SLEEP IN.

Condo's suck. Sarcasm rules.


Anonymous said...

LOL, oh I love your posts!!! Condo's do sound ridiculous!

Christine said...

My mom hates her condo too. LOL For the same reasons too.

The Over-Thinker said...

I've heard nothing but crapola about condo association stuff. I'm glad you are combating it with sarcasm! Unfortunately, being awakened by de-shingling noise would not hit my sarcasm button, rather, it would hit my bitch lever :) Not a good lever to hit before noon...

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