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I'm loving experiencing a toddler and a newborn side-by-side. While Isabella is totally sweet and precious with all the sleeping and sighing and grunting that she does, Eva is totally interesting in the new words she is managing to catch on and repeat and the hilarious antics only a mother of a toddler could love.
She is so goofy. She will stand in the middle of the living room and spin around and around in circles until she is so dizzy she is tripping and falling over her own feet, all the while smiling and giggling because she knows she's freakin' hilarious. She squeals with laughter as she leans in and pretends she is going to swallow my nose. When she gets excited about things her legs do a little happy dance which is more of a happy march with her legs pulling up and thrusting down in rhythmic motion. She asks for milk totally matter of factly saying "muck" and will get so excited when I get up and go to the fridge, her pudgy little legs will clumsily run after me and she will yell "MUCK! MUCK! MUCK!....mmmmmmmmMUCK!" in a frenzy until I hand over the loot, to which she daintily replies "dat doo".

She is ridiculously sweet. I am so grateful to have a toddler who still enjoys cuddling and cuddles with me multiple times throughout the day. When she's watching her favorite show (I'm ashamed to say "The Doodlebops") she will crawl up beside me and nuzzle in until we are shoulder to shoulder and thigh to thigh. Sometimes she will even take my hand and lay it in her lap . She bobs up and down and sings "doo doo doo" when the peppy theme song comes on with the biggest smile plastered across her face and looks over at me to see if I am singing along and bobbing too. When I lean in to give her a kiss, she makes a big over exageratted lip smack to kiss me back. And just when I thought she couldn't melt my heart anymore, the other day I hugged her and said "I love you", and in her teeny little elf voice she said "eye you".
And my heart shattered into a million pieces.


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Jules said...

awww and it only gets better! I just love hearing my little guys voice! He always hides in his room and then says "mommy where are yoouu" so much fun! Its great when they start to be so much more independent but sad to cause they are growing up! Thats when the cuddle times are the best :-)

melanie y said...

Kindra, I loved reading this and hearing how you absolutely revel in the precious moments that each of your children bring. I love how you aren't letting them pass you by in the busyness of being a mommy. This is really a much needed reminder to me to enjoy my children moment by moment. Thank you for these beautiful insights into the blessings that God gives us each and every day!

Cass said...

Such sweet, beautiful girls you have!

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