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I've spent the last two months drooling over designer fabrics and dreaming about the beautiful quilts I would make with them. While not knowing exactly how to quilt, I've spent hours watching videos on youtube and reading tutorials online. This weekend I stocked up on quilting gear with a mat, ruler and rotary cutter and some inexpensive flannel. As much as I would love to delve into the designer fabrics right away I really can't afford to pay $15 a meter and then botch it up. Instead I am making Isabella a soft and cuddly quilt out of these surprisingly cute flannel fabrics.
I tried to sign up for a quilting class, but it doesn't start until the end of April. I figured in the meantime I could just teach myself. I'm absolutely loving some of the modern quilts I have seen at many different blogs like Tall Grass Prairie Studio and A Quilt is Nice. For my first quilt I am following Tall Grass Prairie Studio's tutorial for making a wonky log cabin. These are a few of my favorite blocks.

I am almost done the quilt top; I have 10 blocks and I want to have 12 with some cream sashing. The tutorial for this was easy to follow but I think I have my work cut out for me teaching myself how to quilt the three layers together and finish with the binding. But so far I'm loving the process.


Jules said...

Those look super cute! The first and last ones are my fav :-) My mother-in-law does quilts and sewing and I cant wait to get my own machine! I took sewing in high school and loved it!! Great job though... cant wait to see it finished!

Anonymous said...

Wow, the quilt squares are beautiful! You are so talented!

miranda said...

WOW! It doesn't look like you need my help at all! Looks awesome!

Another easy quilt to make is the rag quilt...I have one for Ellie and am making one for the next babe...she won't go to bed without it :)

Enjoy your quilt....what tutorial are you using?


Cass said...

Very cute blocks! My mom is an avid quilter, and apparently it is very relaxing. Good luck in developing your skills!

Kindra said...

Thanks everyone!

Miranda the link for the tutorial is in the post....'wonky log cabin' is a hyperlink. It's time consuming because you can't feed a bunch of pieces through the sewing machine at once, but I love the creativity involved with each individual block. I'm also noticing that I don't have a perfect 1/4 inch seam allowance so my blocks are turning out wonky whether I add wonk or not! So I guess this is a good first project because I don't HAVE to be perfect...I just square it up at the end and everything looks like I 'meant' to do it ;)

LIAM said...

That looks so cute, Kindra! Good work! I think it's so special that Isabella will have a blanket made by her mommy.

Kindra said...

Thanks Aud! I'm getting really excited to finish it and for her to start using it. I'm already thinking up another quilt for her using the scraps from this quilt...I even have a couple scraps in the coordinating blue fabric from when we made Liam's diaper wipes. I'm really enjoying the creativity of this process.

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