Momma, can you read another one?

Friday morning, I was SO done with blankets and couches and movies.  So much sickness, so much t.v.  DONE.

I packed up both girls and their blankets and we escaped on a wintry walk with cool crisp air lightly kissing our faces and blowing the cabin fever stench off of us.

While out, Eva begged me to go by the library.  It's one of her favourite outings; to go and pick books off the shelf and settle into the rocking chair or tree house and flip through the pictures.  I love perusing new cookbooks, or picking up new picture books to read to the girls.  Bella just runs around, ripping books off the shelves, but it's still a nice change of pace all the same.

Eva discovered the library's new Early Literacy computer station and was over the moon to be tapping keys and pressing buttons on the mouse.

We stayed passed nap time and walked out with a stash of new books.  Our loot in hand, we put Bella down for a nap, and then Eva and I immersed ourselves in the pages of Lady Bug Girl, Gingerbread Baby and Lion's Lunch.  Curled up in a cocoon of blankets and a sea of stories, it made our recovery from sickness much sweeter.


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