Saturday Morning

With the week being littered with sickness and whiny, grumpy, clinging kids, my house was a germy disaster.  Steve had some errands to run so I sent him off with the girls and the camera while I stayed home to clean undisrupted.

My morning was so enjoyable as I (finally) showered, brewed some Starbucks coffee, listened to The Autumn Film and puttered away at cleaning up our filth.  Meanwhile, Daddy was taking the girls for some treats after their errands were completed.

I loved seeing the wonder on their faces as they chose their own penny candy.

Yes, I think Daddy needs to do this more often.


Anonymous said...

Agreed. Nice work Steve-O! I'm sure candy dates will last in the memory books of time as the girls get older.'s a date that they could possibly never outgrow. I'd still be stoked if my dad took me out and we bought candy bags. WOOT! I'm thinking I just might do that with the kidlets myself tonight.

Kindra aka "The Meal Planner" said...

Victoria I just read your comment out loud to Steve and when you said "I'd still be stoked if my dad took me out and we bought candy bags" and Steve was like "TOTALLY!" Haha, he's all about candy. The girls were so happy, they came home telling me all about the frog and the blue whale and the strawberries and other things they picked out. So cute.

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