A Saturday of Thomas and Jam Jam Party's

It was another Saturday in January filled with the laughter of a child's birthday party.  The girls played with their friends, glued colourful paper trains onto train tracks and blessed their friend with birthday presents.

The train cake was true Thomas the Tank Engine blue.  A blue so brilliant it was difficult to scrub off this messy little girl's face.  Her diaper changes for the last couple days have been the weirdest I've ever seen...like turquoise coloured playdough.

Both Isabella and Eva were proud party girls.  Baby Morgan was along for the ride, as was Eva's new friend Lancelot.

Lancelot the Lamb is a doll from preschool.  He comes with his own backpack and Little Lamb book as well as a scrapbook of all his adventures.  Each child takes him home and takes care of him one weekend throughout the year, so he isn't sad and lonely at school.  The child gets their own page in the scrapbook to write about their adventures with Lancelot, glue in pictures or draw their own pictures.

Besides the birthday party, Lancelot got to join the girls later that evening at Grammy's house.  The girl's have a weekly date at Grammy's which we call "Jam Jam Party's" while Mommy and Daddy get to have our own date.  It's wonderful for everyone.  Grammy got to read all about Little Lamb and Lancelot joined in on the couch snuggles.

A lovely typical Saturday.


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