Sweet Girl

Eva and I drank in the silence of an afternoon with just the two of us.  

As we sat and read books together she looked up at me and said "You're beautiful Mom."  The softness of her heart and the depth to which she loves at her tiny age of three always astounds me.  She is full of tenderness.

I looked at her and said "Oh my Eva.  You are sooo beautiful."  

And in her usual shy way, she scrunched up her nose and said "noooooooo."

"Oh but you are, my girl" I said.

We went off to the market together, just her and I.  She had a little skip in her step as she held my hand tightly and pointed to the many wonders of the grocery shelves.  When we finished buying the few groceries we needed, I brought her over to the adjoining bakery for a special treat.

Her eyes widened as she decided what delicious treat the two of us would share.  "I want the pink one Momma!"  Of course she does.  It's my favourite too.  A Dutch vanilla slice, with layers of vanilla custard, whipped cream, thin flakey pastry and a thin layer of pink icing that I let Eva have all to herself. It was lovely.

And she let me snap pictures of her while I marvelled in her beauty.  She was full of pride and excitement when I showed her how to take pictures with my camera and let her snap of few.

A date with her Momma and Rocket too.


Anonymous said...

Oh Eva! Your mommy is right - you are SOOO beautiful...and the apple doesn't fall far from the tree....mama! :)

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