Baby Shower

On a lovely, warm Saturday in February we packed up the van and headed north to the big city.

We were on a mission to surprise our dear friend Tara with a baby shower, for her almost-here baby girl.    Bree and Shanna were the masterminds behind the whole thing, and did an incredible job of throwing the cutest Garden Tea Party themed shower.  

Every last detail was perfect: from the flowery gold-rimmed porcelain tea cups found on kijiji, to the macarons in a glass case, the crustless triangle sandwiches to the pretty pink velvet cupcakes with edible sugar butterflies.  They totally out-Marthaed Martha.

The look on Tara's face when she walked in was priceless.  A room full of women, loving on our sweet friend and her unborn child.

Tara already has two boys, so the unwrapping of the many pink outfits and tiny ballerina flats was so exciting.  She is always blessing my girls with the cutest clothes and God gave back to her ten fold as she unwrapped outfit after outfit of the sweetest, juiciest baby girl duds.  


It was a perfect way to celebrate.

Girls, this was our "I wonder if it worked out?" pic.  I could have done without the sun-through-the-blinds look, but it's beautiful nonetheless :)


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