Bella's Special Day

Friday night Eva had a sleepover with Grammy and wouldn't be home until late afternoon on Saturday, so Steve and I decided to have a special day for Bella.  Just Bella, Mommy and Daddy.

Steve likes to make breakfast for the family on Saturday mornings, so he made Bella's favourite eggs and toasties.  The three of us sat at our little dining room table and savoured the soft boiled eggs oozing onto the homemade bread that had been toasted and smeared with real butter.

After a quiet grocery shop that wasn't littered with girl's picking and poking at each other, trying to make the other one scream, we took Isabella for burgers.  

Flashing her "cheeeeeese" smile.
This girl was bursting at the seams with excitement to not only down a cheeseburger but run around in the playhouse and squeal down the slide.

She giggled and laughed and grinned from ear to ear and asked for " 'nother one!"

It's funny how when you have only one child, grocery shopping is just a regular everyday chore and a trip to McDonald's is no big deal.  Before Bella came along this day wouldn't have been anything special, yet with two kids, the alone time with just one child is something you can't take for granted.  We savoured every ounce of joy that oozed out of this girl.

Before we left,  ice cream was in order.  A cone much too big for her of course.

But it was oh so good.

I love that little crinkle in her nose she gets when she flashes a smile so big her face can't contain it.  She had fun.  And so did we.  


Anonymous said...

I sometimes think to myself, "why did I ever feel overwhelmed with one kid!?!? Now it seems like one would be a breeze.". Haha. Perspective.
Bella's smile is too beautiful. Yay for McD's play palaces.

Kindra aka "The Meal Planner" said...

Totally know what you mean! Whenever I only have one of my kids, it's super easy. What the heck did I complain about before?

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