This is our cat Chuck.

I have a love-hate relationship with Chuck.  Chuck is wild and crazy, destroys our furniture, scratches the kids, and bites us when we pet her.

Where's the love part in this relationship?  I really don't know.


Back in the fall, we had visited a local petting zoo as a family.  The farm had these adorable six week old kittens that we all were gushing over.  Steve and I had been talking about possibly getting a cat, so when little baby Chuck captured his heart, he looked at me with big puppy dog eyes begging to take the kitten home.


Our sweet little boy.  He was so tiny and cuddled with us all the time.  He was easy to love.

Until he got some kind of bacterial infection and started poo-ing all over my carpet for about two weeks.  We didn't know he was sick, and just kept getting angry and frustrated with this stupid creature dropping feces on our floor.  We finally took him into the vet and she gave him some medication to fix the issue.  She also informed us that our precious "Chuckie Boy" was indeed a GIRL.


Fixing the poo issue didn't seem to be enough.  Chuck had attitude.  She was snooty and particular, biting us when she didn't want to be pet, which was pretty much always.  The girls were always screaming because "Chuckie bit me!" or "Chuckie scratched me!"  

She was belligerent when we tried to teach her to respect our house by NOT jumping on the table and eating food.  She would jump up and eat while keeping one eye on us and as much as we yelled "CHUCK GET DOWN!" she would keep doing it with an attitude that said MAKE ME.  She would only finally run away when we were in arms reach of throttling her.  

And really not much has changed since then.  I don't know why we love this cat or why we keep her, but we do.  I'm holding my breath that one day she will become loveable and loving, instead of an a-hole.

We sometimes get glimpses of what a great cat she can be, and she has a soft spot for Steve.  On this particular day Chuck was in heat, showing us how "loveable" she could really be.


happymummy said...

Maybe Chuck just needs another session with Dan? ha ha!

Joel Funk said...

"I'm holding my breath that one day she will become loveable and loving, instead of an a-hole." I laughed so hard!!!! Miss you guys soooo much.

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