A Rocket Picnic

Wednesday morning the girls woke up and sauntered down to breakfast to see a entire picnic set up for them in our living room.

A Rocket Picnic, more specifically.
Eva showing me how excited Rocket is for his picnic.

This picnic was purely Eva's idea.  We had a Teddy Bear Picnic not too long ago at preschool, and then we read a story about a Pig's Picnic.  She was playing pretend one day and told me she was having a Rocket Picnic.  She listed off to me everything she had at her pretend picnic: Rocket sandwiches (which had to be peanut butter), Rocket songs, Rocket movies, Rocket muffins (chocolate chip) and Rocket Decorations.  She came home and immediately started making her decorations.
Rocket flying is the big circle.  The little circles along the bottom are Leo, Quincy, June and Annie.
A really big picture of rocket. 
She had done a fabulous job of making her Rocket decorations and continued to talk about having this picnic that I felt I needed to write down her ideas.  A few days later, I surprised the girls with the picnic for breakfast.  I made sure to get the Rocket sandwiches with peanut butter, which I made out of homemade banana waffles.  I hadn't had time to make the Rocket muffins with chocolate chips, but the waffles had butterscotch chips in them, so I figured I had hit two birds with one stone.

One of her other requirements had been that we invite friends.  It didn't work out to have actual friends come over, so we invited some of our stuffed friends to join us.  Raspberry the bear, Lightning McQueen and Rocket were just a few on the guest list.

During the picnic I also remembered Eva's idea of Rocket movies, so they watched a couple episodes of Little Einsteins.

This was such a fun way to enjoy our breakfast and I'm so proud of my little girl and her creativity.  She's already telling me we need to have a Puppy Picnic, a Kitty Cat Picnic, a Lightning McQueen Picnic and so many others I'm having trouble remembering them all.  I'm guessing by her enthusiasm that our Rocket Picnic for breakfast was a hit with her as well.

Cheers to a delicious day and a creative 3-year old.


Cam and Wendy Earl said...

Kindra! What a great idea! (I dont know why its taken me so lng to find my way back to your blog) and you're amazing! Your girls a so beautiful! When did they grow up!??! I will be following you now so look out!!

Kindra aka "The Meal Planner" said...

Thanks Wendy!

I know hey...why the heck are our kids growing so fast??!

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