Snakes and Doots

Eva has always loved art.  Her hands dive into the paint and spread about, while she meticulously creates shapes and tells me what they are.  I captured this picture at preschool where she gets her fill of painting, collaging, gluing, cutting, and glittering, but it got me thinking back to her toddler days.

Even then her hands loved to create.  One of my favourite "Eva" stories happened when she was about two years old.  She was finger painting with Steve at the kitchen table, drawing squiqqly lines through the paint and dobbing her fingers about.  Steve was painting her some flowers and she was beside herself.  When I asked her what she was painting, in her little mouse-like toddler voice she said "flowers, snakes and doots."

"What's a doot?" I asked her.

She swiped up a glob of paint onto her index finger, and dobbing down randomly all over the page she made sound effects with each dob "doot, doot, doot." 

Snakes and doots.  Two things I never see her paint anymore, and if I even dare suggest that a dobby circle is a "doot" she rolls her eyes and corrects me "it's a DOT Mommy".

Oh, my big girl.


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