Channeling our Inner Julia

I realized I never blogged about our original visit to France in our Secret-Secret Geography Club.  This post will take us back to April 2009! I can't remember what a lot of things were or even what they tasted like, but I know my fellow Geography Clubbers will appreciate the throwback.

We began the evening sipping French wine and trying out different French cheeses.


As a starter, Lindsey made a caramelized onion and goat cheese tart with puff pastry.  If I think really hard about it, it's possible that there's also olive tapenade on there....maybe even anchovies.  Lindsey is all about delivering big flavor.  Her presentation was beautiful, making a criss cross pattern over the entire tart with olive tapenade and goat cheese in the center of each diamond.  I originally was thinking that she used caramelized onions to make the criss cross pattern but the closer I look the more convinced I am that she used anchovies.  That's so Lindsey.  

Served with Lindsey's tart was Dan's Asparagus with Bearnaise Sauce.  A bearnaise is similar to a hollandaise sauce, but is flavored with fresh tarragon.  The two dishes worked nicely together.


We then moved on to the main course.


I tried my hand at Coq au Vin and I actually DO remember the results because it was in-freaking-credible.  The chicken was cooked with mushrooms, pearl onions, and fresh thyme with a whole bottle of red wine.  It was rich and velvety and oh-so insanely good. 


I served the chicken over egg noodles alongside some braised leeks.  Other than in soups, I had never eaten a whole leek before and it blew me away how sweet and delicious they were.  The perfect compliment to the rich flavorful chicken.


Hey there's baby Eva!

To clarify, I didn't actually let my baby drink my wine!

As the evening went on, we just continued to eat.  Lisa had made homemade fresh baguettes and while they were baking Dan had us all churn our own butter!  A jar full of farm fresh cream and we all took our turn shaking it.

Lindsey doing her part to churn the butter.
And after about 10 minutes we had fresh churned butter to spread on our warm baguettes.  You can't get any more "homemade" than that.


Fresh bread and butter and French white wine.  Perfect.


Lindsey made two different pate's to eat with the baguettes.  It was a solid stuff your face with carbs kind of night.

Oh and wine.  Gotta have wine.


As I went through these pictures I was wondering if the food would ever end and how we possibly ate it all!  Because after the wine and cheese course, the appetizer and vegetable course, the main dish, the bread and butter and pate more wine course, apparently we still ate dessert!  And drank latte's!

Dan made creme brulee which is one of my favorite desserts.  He had a perfect caramelized sugar crust on top that gave way with a "crack" to the luscious cream underneath.  


Paired with Lisa's decaf latte it was the perfect ending to our glutinous evening.  
Definitely "bon appetite".


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Mmm... I can't wait for tomorrow!

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just wandered here from your comment on my preschool blog...can't wait to read more...and try your recipes...and yes, i will reply to your journal question soon!


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