Ultrasound Results....

My ultrasound went really well...the baby has all it's limbs and is normal and growing and stuff. And the best part....it's a girl! Steve and I are so excited.

And in other exciting baby news...she finally kicked me! I've been waiting and waiting for it. I was getting annoyed because there's a couple other prego women in my church, and one girl was only 4 1/2 months and she was feeling movement. I'm almost 5 1/2 months and it finally came...It was a couple nights ago. I was all relaxed (Steve was being a good hubby and giving his wife a massage), when I thought I felt something weird. I told him to stop and I turned over onto my back. Steve got really excited and put his head on my tummy. Sure enough...she was squiggling around in there and we got to feel it together. She even gave one big kick and Steve got it in the side of the head! It was awesome. Now that I recognize her movements, I feel it all the time now...it kinda feels like bubbles popping.

The ultrasound and the kicking has made pregnancy so much more real. We visited some friends who just had a baby less than a week ago, and Steve and I got to hold their tiny baby girl. It made us both really impatient to meet our little girl. We are so excited, and anxiously looking forward to her arrival.


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