Sleep Deprived

Pregnancy has been an extremely weird and wonderful up and down rollercoaster. It involves the strangest symptoms, and just when you get rid of one symptom, another strange one develops. I'm down to the home stretch though...5 more weeks to go. I have been very lucky up till now, and not suffered from sleep deprivation like so many other prego's. Unfortunately I am hitting that phase. For a week straight, its a miracle if I fall asleep before 2 am, but a few times it was even 4 and 5 am (yes I watched the sun come up the other day)'s getting really frustrating. And last night, miracle of all miracles, I fell asleep by 12:30am!!...but then I was up at the crack of dawn this morning 6am and couldn't fall back to sleep. I guess it's just my body getting me ready for the sleepless nights when the baby comes...Which by the way, since I'm up so late, I've discovered that I have a lil party animal growing inside me. She's quite active in the wee hours of the morning...which will make it fun in a few weeks...


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