Almost There

So the not being able to sleep thing was not due to pregnancy, but rather the lack of husband. Turns out I don't sleep well without him....this is good, because the last 2 weeks he's been home, I have had amazing sleeps. Sleep is just a million times better with my man spooning me....this means I will be well-rested when baber comes. Speaking of baber due date is in two weeks, however, all the signs in my body tell me its coming sooner. I have been having braxton hicks contractions for the last month and a half, but since last Thursday they have been non-stop. In the last week, the baby has also dropped down into my pelvis...this is noticeable since I am carrying different, and have much more strain on my pelvic bone now. Two weeks ago, my doctor checked me and I was already 2 cm dilated. To top it all off, today I have had this burst of energy (otherwise known as the nesting instinct) and I haven't been able to stop "doing" stuff. We were finally able to set up the baby room last night, and I didn't like this little table that was in there, and wanted to put another one in, but it was all scratched up and this morning I wake up and drag it out in the backyard and just start sanding it. I called Steve to rent me a belt I have been working on that all day, along with making a mental list of all the other things I want to get done. Of course, these seem to be big things that I feel like I just won't get done because the baby is coming soon. I feel ready for the baby mentally, but not prepared. I think that's why I want everything "done". I've been cleaning and folding laundry and sanding and....I think I need to stop...if the baby is coming soon, I'm going to tire myself out even before I get to labor!


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