All Mine!

I now have my very own laptop! Yay me!

I have never owned my own computer in my life. Steve sold some gear after we got married and bought a desktop computer...but because it was his gear he sold, that also made it "his" computer. Earlier this year, he saved up some money, sold some more gear and bought a laptop..."his" laptop. So we had two computers in the house and they were both Stephen's. I was given a very generous graduation gift from my dad...oila! Now Kinny has a laptop of her very own. It came with Windows Vista, so it's all weird getting used to, but its very pretty. It was kind of a hard decision to make...we are friends with so many Pro-Mac peeps, that whenever we mentioned PC we were shunned. But it came down to being able to afford a 4 year-old Mac ibook or a brand new PC....I went with the PC. Don't hate me!

P.S. I love my new laptop :)


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