Workin' On Those Lovies

I decided to get rid of this post-baby body and get back into shape. I joined the YMCA and they have all these drop-in classes that members can go far I have done yoga, step, and an abs class. They have been pretty fun and ridiculously hard! When you go 9 months waddling around and not lifting anything and then 3 months hanging out with a baby, your muscles aren't very strong. Yoga was the easiest, but I surprisingly felt quite sore the next day. Both step and abs I started out strong, and then slowly petered the end I couldn't do ANY more! But I feel good....and I hope soon that I feel great.


Anonymous said...

Hi Kindra !

I love your blog, you are such an amazing writer!


apaintersmind said...

I wouldn't call myself a writer, but I appreciate your kind words :)

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