Fresh New 'Do

I went for a very overdue haircut today. I hadn't had my haircut since I lost my very favorite hairdresser ever, Shawna....and that was 9 months ago. I just couldn't bring myself to accept that I had to go to someone else. Three years with Shawna sad. I knew no one could possibly be as good as her, so I just went to no one.  Until today.

I woke up this morning and had the panic "I can't cut my hair it's too pretty" conversation with myself, yet I have not thought my hair was pretty in a long time. I usually do that though. The morning of the appointment, I start to reconsider and think maybe I really don't need a haircut after all. But I did go, and she made it much prettier than it was before. She was good. Not as good as Shawna, but good. Freshly cut hair feels so nice. Even ponytails seem to look good again.

Yes...that is baby puke on my shoulder, thanks.

I know it doesn't look like my hair changed didn't. Which normally wouldn't be worthy of posting pictures, but this is a rare day that I am actually wearing make-up, with my hair done, and no sweats on. So I'm paying tribute to this special occasion.


Anonymous said...

Looking like one awfully hot mama, haha!


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