Goodbye Baby Fat/Hello Fat Baby

Exciting news...I'm not super out of shape anymore! I only say this, because after 3 weeks of fitness classes, I'm not out of breath and I'm now able to keep up with the old folks. Yessssssss. I'm on my way to getting rid of the baby fat. Maybe once the baby fat is gone I can take my yoga pants out of my daily the moment yoga pants are the most conducive to the baby fat not hanging over the edge of my pants. And it's all thanks to my fitness classes at the Y. I really like that it's me and a bunch of seniors...way less intimidating. Or maybe more so in someways because I'm supposed to be the young agile one. The important thing is that I'm on my way to saying goodbye to baby fat.

I do however love my fat baby. Where did my baby's huge appetite come from? Steve and I are both slender people....well, then again Steve was a pretty fat baby. But I really love my fat baby, and all her rolls and elbow dimples, and back of the knee fat. She really is amazing. But I should be going and giving my fat baby a bath....she has neck cheese trapped underneath her second chin and she's getting stinky.


Anonymous said...

haha, I love this post. I was a fat little baby too and my Mom always said, "a fat baby is a healthy baby". As you know I am not so fat anymore, but I hope that my babies will be! Sounds like you are doing great! We'll have to get together again sometime!

Anonymous said...

woops, forgot to say that this is from Tarilie.

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