Little Miss Whiney-Pants

My baby is being weird lately. It seems whenever we go and get Eva's immunization shots, a day or two later she starts doing something weird she's never done before. It could definitely be all in my head, I realize this. Steve and I are uncertain what we think about immunization, but it's difficult to sort through both sides of the biased-information until we can form a clear opinion not to, for now we are getting her shots.

You hear all these horror stories of mom's saying their child became autistic after they got their maybe I'm looking and analyzing for things to be wrong. But when she was two months old and she got her shots, she definitely acted weird for weeks. She was on this perfect sleep/eat schedule and all of the sudden she didn't want to have good naps anymore, and she was eating at weird times. It just threw her off and it took me weeks to get her back on track. This time, her eating/sleeping has been fine, but she's developed this incessant whine. Ugh. Little Miss Whiney-Pants. She's only been doing it a couple of days, but I'm sick of it already. If I lay her on the floor - whine. If I walk out of the room - whine. If I don't keep her entertained - whine. This is totally normal for a 4 month old baby, it's just that she didn't do it's a recent development since the shots.

Oh how I hate those dreadful shots. They probably didn't cause my baby to be whiney.....but for now, I'm blaming them.


Carla said...

Oh I know exactly what you mean about immunization - I just shut my eyes and pray. A nurse friend of mine has reassurred me on the whole issue so I try not to dwell on it. Sierra usually has an off week after her needles too!

Anonymous said...

well, after I got my MMR shot a month ago I was whiney, grouchy and hurting for over a week. I don't blame poor little Eva. Tarilie

kin said...

Yeah, I guess you are right. I keep avoiding my shots, just cuz they suck so much. Okay, she's allowed to be whiney.

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