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As per Nialle's is a lil sample recipe from my little red notebook.

Steak & Lemon Salad

From Nigella Lawson - Forever Summer

I cannot tell you how much I LOVE this salad. I’m thinking it is my number 1, all-time favorite main course salad. This is definitely in Steve’s top three. I’m not sure if you love the sourness of lemon as much as I do, but this salad has perfect balance – sourness from the lemon, richness from the beef, heat from the chili’s, and saltiness of the parmesan. Wow. It’s the perfect summer meal, but would taste like a bowl of sunshine in winter as well:) And just so you know, my measurements and amounts won’t be exact since this is scaled down from a much bigger version….so just eyeball and add as much as you see fit. That’s pretty much what I do. This is only for 2 main course servings.

1 sirloin steak

Grill seasoning

1-2 lemons

1 red chili – deseeded and finely chopped

1 bag of mixed greens

Fresh parmesan cheese

Olive oil


Cut the tops and bottoms off the lemons. Sit them upright on a board on one end, and cut away the rest of the zest and pith from top to bottom with a sharp knife until only the juicy lemon remains. Now slice into rounds, then chop each round into about four, and place in a shallow dish. Sprinkle a liberal amount of salt over them, then scatter the chopped red chilies over top and pour olive oil over top. I’m not sure how much exactly – but just remember, the lemon and oil combine to make your dressing, so pour until you think there is enough. You can always adjust later. While the lemons are left to steep, heat your grill on med-high. Season your steak with salt and pepper or grill seasoning and grill until med-rare (or how you like it). I think that’s about 5 minutes on each side. Let your steak rest before you cut into it. While it’s resting, put your lettuce into 2 bowls. Divide and decant most of the steeped lemons and their oily juices over top of the two bowls and mix them up nicely. Taste and if you think the dressing needs augmenting then add more oil, salt, or the rest of the lemon chunks as you feel it needs. When the steak has rested for 5-10 minutes, slice as thin as you can against the grain. Divide the steak up between the two bowls, making sure to get all the red juices from the meat as well. Finish by shaving liberal amount of parmesan peels over the top with a vegetable peeler.


Nialle Travnik said...

Cool! Thanks for the recipe! I got pack of inside round in the freezer right now... hmmm....

Anonymous said...

mmmmm, that sounds amazing! I definitely have to try it out!

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