Tis the Season

This Christmas season has been so wonderful. We spent almost a week visiting my family , as well as getting to see my best friend Tiare, who has been going to school in New Zealand for the past 2 years. My belly has been full of way too much delicious food, and we have been given many thoughtful and generous Christmas gifts. Man I love Christmas. Hope your holidays were wonderful as well!

The Poo got a new toy for Christmas! She's really excited about it....


Anonymous said...

Eva looks adorable playing with her new present! I'm glad you had a great time at home, it's always nice to see everyone again! I am almost 100 % sure that I saw you and Steve driving towards Unity on the 27th. Did you guys come back here that day? Take care,Tarilie.

kin said...

Haha, yeah we were traveling on the 27th. Made a lil pit stop in Unity for some Subway and then we booked it home. I loved being in Wilkie, but there's also something nice about arriving home. Hope your time at home in Wilkie was awesome too!

P.S. I also think it's cute that you always comment using 'anonymous' when you could just click nickname and type 'tarilie'....ha, you're funny

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