So Tired...

For the past month or so I have had constant nausea. I know...disgusting. I feel disgusting. The first week, I thought it must be a flu bug or the second week I thought "oh crap...I'm pregnant". Two negative pregnancy tests later, and another week gone by of nausea I didn't know what the heck to think. It feels exactly like morning sickness. I finally saw my doctor last week. She thought I was pregnant too, but another negative pregnancy test, and she decided to send me for some blood work. It has been a month of nausea; everyday, all day....when I wake up to when I go to bed at night. I feel like poo. I saw my doc again today and they discovered my problem. My thyroid is out of whack. This happens to about 5% of women post-pregnancy. The thyroid hormones go all crazy and produce way too much so your body works overtime, and you feel jittery and anxious, and sweat lots and you lose hair. Then the hormones drop down to producing almost nothing and everything slows down. You feel tired and sluggish, slightly depressed, you gain weight because your metabolism isn't working properly....not fun. That's where I'm at right now apparently, which explains the nausea. The stomach isn't really working properly.

So the good news is, if its just a post-partum thing than my body will eventually even itself out and in the meantime, I just have to take some hormone supplements to even stuff out. If its not, then my body will start to produce anti-bodies against my thyroid and basically destroy it. I would need to be on hormone supplements for the rest of my life. But's not life threatening and there's medication for it. I'm glad we finally figured this out though. Nausea is a pretty vague and obscure symptom to find out about thyroiditis, but at least we did. It explains why I have been so exhausted and unmotivated to do anything. Hopefully in a couple weeks the hormone supplements will have kicked in and I will feel good as new and back to normal...and no more friggin' nausea!

Oh and P.S. Because of my metabolism being slow, I gained 5 frickin' pounds over Christmas! I did...I swear. I weighed myself this morning and almost crapped my pants. I have never gained weight that fast in my life...not even when I was pregnant.


Erika. said...

Oh Dude, that's rough. I'm glad that the doctors know what it is. Hope you feel non-puke-y soon!

Anonymous said...

I hope that you're feeling better soon!! Tarilie

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