Daddy/Daughter Time

I was up until all inhumane hours of the morning last night because my mind wouldn't stop racing. As a result, I was much too tired for church this morning, and opted to sleep in, while my hubs got ready and took our daughter with him (after I begged him to :) I love that he didn't bother to put her in a clean outfit, and she probably looked like a welfare baby with last nights green beans on her shirt and sweet potatoes on her knees. Despite that, it made me warm and fuzzy to think of Stephen hanging out with Eva alone....probably showing her off and doing crazy things to make her shriek with joy. He later told me she was really good at church, but she decided to bust out a few of her happy pterodactyl squeals during the sermon.

Here is an ode to daddy/daughter time:

And just because the squeals of baby laughter will make you smile even if you are having a bad day, here is a vid of the aforementioned daddy/daughter. I hope it warms your heart.


Anonymous said...

She is seriously the greatest little human I've ever seen!

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