The Purple Appendage

I was a bad bad mommy today.

My little darling woke up this morning with the most pleasant disposition. Happy, cooing, smiling...everything that makes a Mom's heart melt. I gave her her bottle, we played, we laughed....just an utterly perfect morning.

Then I sat her down in her baby seat, strapped her in and went to clip on the tray. As I was putting her in I was chatting to her "you better get your fingers out of the way....that wouldn't feel very nice baby." I shooed her little hands away while I clunked the right side of the tray into place....only to find her tiny baby thumb was lightening fast and had gotten in the way just as I clicked it into place.

I gasped with horror and immediately unclipped the tray, unstrapped her and scooped her up into my mommy arms. Her reaction was delayed...the shock of her little thumb being squished and momentarily clipped into place must have taken her breath away. As soon as it was released, her ear piercing scream began and continued for the next 20 minutes. Hot tears were streaming down her beet red face. I couldn't stop hugging her and telling her how sorry I was, and trying to comfort her. I inspected the injury and her tiny thumb nail is turning a bit purple underneath, and the fleshy part of the thumb tip is a bit red and swollen. Baby Tylenol was the answer to soothe her throbbing finger.

She is now playing happily, and doesn't seem to perturbed by her mommy-inflicted injury. She's such a trooper.

I will now go and quietly remove myself out of the running for the "Mommy of The Year" award.


Vanessa said...

I had to laugh reading your entry because today I shut a drawer on Liam's fingers. To make it worse, I was leaving a message on someone's phone so they heard every one of Liam's screams!

No doubt social services will be knocking on both our doors soon.

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