Funny Sounds From a Funny Baby

Eva always seems to have some strange new sound that she is making. Her latest is this really loud screamy squeal. I think she just really likes to hear her own voice. She will talk to her toys sometimes in the squeal, and it's pretty cute. Steve is downright annoyed...he thinks it's cute for about 5 seconds and then the screamy squeal starts to pierce his eardrums.

On top of strange noises, she does cute but strange things. This is her weird lipsucking thing:

Back in December I would stick my tongue out at her and "blow raspberries"....she thought it was hilarious. After about 3 days she was realizing she had a tongue, and was attempting to do it too. By day 4 she had it down pat, and now it is her favorite! She does it ALL the time. The only thing I now have to teach her is that it's only okay for playtime....not during eating. She's done it a few times during dinner, and I have had to bust out my stern mom's voice and tell her "no!" We'll see how that goes. Anyway, here she is making her favorite sound:

Notice at the end she had this really dramatic cough that she pushed out and was totally fake? Yeah, she's funny...bit of a drama queen.


richelle said...

This video is so funny

kindra said...

Yeah, she makes me laugh all the time with her new sounds and strange mannerisms!

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