Beginning Baby Sign Language

So I'm not sure if you've heard about baby sign language, but it is quite popular right now. I had considered starting to teach Eva, but realized maybe it was just a fad or that I would only be doing it as a sort of novelty. I have been reading a series of parenting books called "Babywise" and just finished reading "Babywise II". In the book, the author makes a good case for teaching your baby sign language. He says your baby has the ability to understand language, but no way of communicating it if they want something they will whine or scream. Eva has a HORRIBLE habit of whining. It can be so annoying. He really hit home when he touched on that point let me tell ya! He said a way to get around that is to teach sign language since babies are capable of signing back to you. Like I said....he convinced me.

Two weeks ago we starting teaching Eva sign language. We started with the signs mostly to do with feeding: more, all done, milk, carrots, apples, banana, etc. I also do a few others like: please, bedtime, and beautiful. I sign to her, and then I make her hands do the sign back. I can't wait till she can communicate with me! Here is a little video of dinner time teaching Eva to sign.


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