Little Phatty

We took Eva in for her 6 month shots today and had her weighed. She has always been a big baby and every time we weigh her it's a new shock as to how much the scale says. This time....18.75 lbs! She is now in the 90-95th percentile....meaning HUGE. I checked to make sure I wasn't over feeding her, and nope. I am in the clear. I just have a naturally huge baby.

Here she is hangin' with her daddy.
I don't care what anyone says....I love her baby fat :)


Anonymous said...

Priceless! There's nothing cuter than a chubby baby!! She's absolutely adorable!

Carla said...

Eva is really cute! Babies need rolls. She looks fairly tall too, how long is she?

Erika. said...

Cute. She's freakin' adorable. I come from a family of big babies. My lil' brother was an 11-pounder when he was born and my sister was almost ten. I was the small one weighing in at a measly 9 pounds. Eeeek. All this to say, big babies rule.

kindra said...

I'm not sure how long she is exactly...we were more concerned with weight, and forgot to measure her length. Tarilie and Erika - It's good to know you were both fat babies, because you are both skinny now.

Oh and funny story I forgot to add to my post: We were looking at the chart for what percentile your baby falls in. The nurse showed me how to figure it out....and as I did, she wasn't even on the chart! I asked the nurse if I was doing it right, so she double checked and said yes...Eva was somewhere in the 150th percentile! Later in the day the nurse had been reviewing Eva's file and called us at home and said we were using the wrong side of the chart! She said she was only in the 90th percentile...still huge, but not obese :)

Erika. said...

P.S. Big fan of the art on your blog. I'll have to check out that Jared Robinson (?) guy.

kindra said...

Erika - yeah Jared Robinson's art is amazing! He's from Edmonton and Steve commissioned him to do the cover art for his is so beautiful and absolutely appropriate for the content. I know you're probably thinking "why did Steve commission another artist to do the artwork when he has an artist for a wife?" Well the answer to that, is that he has been asking me to do it for 3 years and I just couldn't come up with anything good enough. I'm really glad he used Jared...the artwork is beautiful.

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