Sleeping is for Suckers

It's barely past 12pm and this is the kind of day I have had already:

rock climbing last night + a baby waking up 3 times = HUNGOVER

Not really. But that's what I feel like. My sore tense muscles from rock climbing (more on that later) are screaming "WHY DID YOU DO THIS TO ME?! I ENJOY YOUR USUAL COUCH-POTATOENESS!!!" I have not yet had a cup of coffee, so I have a horrible caffeine headache, all that rock climbing last night burned so many calories (not complaining) that I feel more famished than usual, and my baby decided she didn't want to sleep through the night last night (what the?!) and after feeding her at 3:30am putting her to bed at 4am, I was suddenly wide awake, and did not go back to sleep until 6am. And wouldn't you know it, once I had nicely nestled in under the covers, my eyes had finally closed and my body was willing me to sleep, I once again hear my baby crying. Give it a break!! She has always slept through the night, and I'm thinking this is still the remnants of the immunization shots last week, but I am definitely not cut out for this early morning feeding thing. 8 weeks of it was enough for me. I don't know how some moms still do it 2 years later! I'm not functioning properly today, I'm grouchy and I just woke up from a late morning nap. No sipping and savoring of coffee during a quiet couple of hours as my baby was sleeping, or baking sweet, fruity muffins just for fun. Just recovering from a sleep-deprived induced hangover. Why do I do this?

Oh yeah. That's why.

P.S. You're cute.


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