Thai Hot Pot

It's already a week past, and I still haven't written about our Thai Hot Pot night. Guess that's what happens when you're sick.

So the second installment of our Secret-Secret Geography Club was Thai Hot Pot. Mmmm...I cannot say enough good stuff about Thai Hot Pot!! Dan did all the preparation, and had all our ingredients arranged on trays - meats on one tray and veggies/noodles on the other.

Dan had a burner in the middle of the table with broth bubbling away in it. He began by plopping in the fish balls, squid and meat. After that cooked for a couple minutes in went the veggies and noodles.

While we waited for the soup to cook up, we had our own individual little bowls, where we prepared our own sauce. We could make our own concoction of Suki sauce, squeeze of fresh key lime, snappy chopped garlic and fiery bits of red Thai chili's.

Now it was time for us to scoop out all the good bits we wanted, slosh in some sauce and slurp away. SOOOO GOOD!

I enjoyed this so much! So I guess our group has already done its job by introducing me to something I probably wouldn't have tried on my own, but that I loved. This is one dish I would definitely do again. I loved that it was an all-night affair. Dinner was a process, and there was much talking, laughing and slurping the whole time. LOVED IT!!

We then had to decide what next month's country was going to be. Dan and Lisa make the most incredible Indian Curries and homemade naan bread in their wood burning stove, so most people were itching for some of Dan's famous naan. Mine and Steve's mouths were watering thinking of eating that naan again, but this group was supposed to be for trying countries and foods we wouldn't normally. Curries seem so common in all our households, so that didn't seem as exciting a country to try. After much deliberation we went with......Ireland?! Yup, you heard right...Ireland. We are going to do it a day before St. Patty's day, and have firm stipulations to not just bring boring ol' meat and potatoes. So any suggestions for good Irish dishes?? Dan has already talked about getting some Irish whiskey and making mouth is watering already. I gotta come up with something good.


Erika. said...

That looks stinkin' good. Mmmm, hot pot.

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