When Did This Become a Food Blog?

I was falling asleep last night and the wheels of my brain were turning. I have always loved blogs, but lately I have been slightly more obsessive over them....maybe it's because I keep finding really amazing ones. Anyways, I was thinking how this blog seems to be all over the place: Here's a blog about my baby mush, another about breastfeeding, and oh yeah remember when I posted about that cool art project? I was thinking how sad it is that this blog is called A Painters Mind, and I never write about painting. I know I will get there, but in the meantime let's streamline shall we? I love writing about my baby and mommy stuff....and as passionate as I am about food, I think it needs to take a hike. I was thinking last night, that maybe I should start a new blog just about food. Maybe? I think I will. A friend whose blog I like to read, told me she doesn't want to be narcissistic and assume people out there want to read about her life. Why not? Even if no one out there reads it, except friends and family who are far away, that's enough for me. I may not be making art right now, but I do enjoy the creative process of writing and documenting. So I will keep doing it...and I will start a new blog about food.

Okay I'm rambling.

I've also had another brilliant brainwave recently. Soon it will come time for me to apply for teaching jobs. I want to stand out and give the principals of schools something to offer that is different. In the past, my teaching mentors have been super impressed with this website I had Joel help me create. It was for a project at school, and my whole website was on how to incorporate technology in the art classroom. This technology business can be tough for teachers (especially older ones), and as a teacher we are expected to incorporate it into all aspects of teaching. I had lesson plans, different types of technology and how to use them, pros and cons of using each, etc. Like I said, my teaching mentors have been extremely impressed in the past. But this website was created by Joel in cold fusion mumbo-jumbo, so I would have no way of updating it, or maintaining. It was also uploaded to Joel's server and could be taken down at anytime (and I just checked it out and it doesn't seem to be working right now). BRAINWAVE.....create a blog for art teachers for cool art projects they can implement into their own classroom. Good hey?? A lot of art teachers are not art majors at all, and feel really out of their comfort zone doing art projects. Why not help them out?? As an added bonus I can add the blog to my resume as a technology related undertaking. I think I am most excited about this new blog idea. I have a few months to get stuff posted, so now I will feel like I have a purpose in spending time on my 'putes.

Okay, that's all. New bloggies in the making.*

*Update: I started both the art teacher and food blog. I'm really excited about them. If you love food and wanna try some of Steve and my favorite recipes check out: Amen. Let's Eat! If you know a teacher who needs some art ideas, tell them to check out: The Art Classroom.


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