Food, Food and More Food!!

Steve and I spent the weekend visiting many wonderful friends who we don't get to see very often since they are far away. I think we have to be the luckiest people in the world to have friends like these that are so generous and wonderful to be around. We were fed like KINGS this weekend!

While Eva and Christian played,

Tara introduced me to making salmon wrapped in prosciutto, on top of lemon-herb lentils. AMAZING!! (I stole this pic from Bree's facebook)

We had a nice warm, comfy bed at Marvin and Dee Dee's and enjoyed a cup of coffee with them in the morning at their beautiful home. We then headed back over to Tara and Jon's who had made us the most incredible breakfast sandwich I have ever eaten! Tara and her creative brain whipped up some Turkey Cranberry Sausage served over English Muffins, topped with a fried egg and melted smoked your mouth watering yet??

We also headed over to Wayne and Annemarie's to see my best pal Meggie who was here from New Brunswick. It was so exciting to get to see her and introduce my babe, and again....we had more delicious food! Anna had a big Mexican Fiesta feast, and I was stuffing myself even though I wasn't that hungry. Can't pass up fresh salsa and guacamole! Anna's feast came complete with Margarita's, and even Eva got in on the Tequila action.

She couldn't quite get her mouth far enough around that bottle.

On our way back home, we brought Meg with us and dropped her off at her parents place since they don't live very far from us. They gave us a big delicious supper of Prime Rib Roast and ALL the fixin's!! Did I tell you we ate like a King and Queen this weekend or what?! I think our friends really know that food is the way to my heart :)

It was such a fantastic weekend, so thank you to all our friends who made it so.


Tara said...

Awwww, I was snooping around your food blog and found the link to this post in the Salmon and Lentil Recipe post... Seriously made me want to cry :) I can't believe how big our little ones have gotten! I greedily wish you wrote on this blog still ;)

Kindra aka "The Meal Planner" said...

Oh yeah, I haven't seen these pics in a LOOOOONG time! Our kids are just BABIES. I'm actually considering writing on here again. I was realizing how many cute things and milestones I had captured from Eva and even Bella as a baby, but in my almost year absence from this blog I haven't even been documenting any of it. Makes me sad :( Wish I could remember all those cute things they said and did.

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