Ode to Sausage Links

My baby is built like a sausage. Her arms and thighs are roll upon linky roll. Check them out in all their cute chubby glory:

Gotta love back of the knee rolls :)

...and this is where she fell off the couch.

(Don't worry...she was fine. I anticipated she might do this, and had prepped the bottom of the couch with mounds of pillows and blankets. She fell with a soft kerplunk, and gave a giggle and a big smile. )

Eva I love you and all your pinchable, adorable baby fat. One day you might be embarrassed by these pictures (when you are a snooty teenager), but you are my gorgeous rolley polley baby and I wouldn't change you for anything.


Vanessa said...

Those baby rolls are delicious! Nialle and I think it's cute how such a chubby bunny can come from such thin people like you and Steve. It's too bad that those rolls will be gone in a flash once she starts to walk!

Dani Spies said...

Oooohh, you're giving me baby fever!! She is a doll!!

kindra said...

Vanessa - I know, I'm going to miss those rolls once she starts walking! Although I am secretly looking forward to it....no more of the "wow, she's SO big" comments :)

Dani - Thanks! I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks so !

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