I Am Queen

...Of procrastinators everywhere! I really am. Sometimes I will think that my husband is a procrastinator, or even my mom-in-law (when she's packing at 3am and has to be on a plane back to Guatemala at 7am :) ), but I really do take the cake and top them all.

When I was younger, about 12-14ish, my school sold things called "Community Calendars". They had some kind of community picture for each month, and were a great fundraiser for our school. Each student was assigned 2 or 3 people that lived near them to sell these calendars to. ALL I had to do was go to the person's house and get them to sign a piece of paper saying they wanted the calendar along with a cheque for $10. One of the two people I had to sell mine to was Ollie, my childhood babysitter, who lived just down the back alley. The other person?...lived across the back alley...like...step outside into my back yard and they were there.

Usually a month would go by and my teachers at school would be pestering me "Did you sell your calendars? Did you go to the persons house yet?" There was a deadline that you had to have the calendar sales in by, and so in true Kindra fashion I would finally make it over to my neighbor's and Ollie's house to sell them the calendar the day before the due date. The next day at school, at the last possible moment I turned in my calendar sales. "But I got it done" I told myself.

The next month the calendars came rolling in. Brand spanking new calendars they gave to us in November so people could get their new community calendars in time for the new year. My two calendars were handed to me, and I was told to deliver them to my customers. I put them in my backpack and walked home.

I forgot to drop off the calendars.

A week went by. I forgot to drop off the calendars.

A month went by. My neighbors still had no calendars.

After two months my Dad starting pestering me "Did you give Ollie her calendar yet? What about our neighbor? Go do it today Kindra!"....I would say "Okay" and then go downstairs and watch t.v. ...forgetting all about the dang calendars.

By this time we were well into February. The calendars had been in my backpack the entire 4 months, so they weren't fresh, new and clean anymore. They were quite bent. And possibly even juice stained. Our neighbors had started asking my Dad if I was ever going to bring over the calendars. So my Dad starting asking me if I was ever going to bring over the calendars.

"I'll do it later" was my motto. But I always forgot.

When it was March and my Dad was sick of asking me nicely and reminding me to take our neighbors their calendars, my Dad demanded I take them their calendars "RIGHT NOW" or I would be grounded.

I got my little butt in gear, grabbed the calendars and suited up and when outside. I would be grumbling the whole way because I didn't like being told what to do. "I would have eventually done it" I reasoned. So in Mid-March my neighbors got their calendars. They thanked me politely and didn't seem to notice how bent their new calendar was. They were too nice to me.

I repeated this exact process the following year.

And the next one.

I'm sure I was glad the following year when we got to stop selling them. Glad to not sell two measly calendars to people that lived less than 1 block from me. I am ridiculous.

I am sorry Ollie that you always seemed to get your community calendar in March instead of November when I was supposed to. You were way too nice to me and always let me get away with it :)


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