I Am Queen of Procrastinators Part 2

...So here's the reason I told that story.

My husband asked me back in November how I could get into substitute teaching. Without giving it much thought I answered that I probably just had to apply to the school board and get on the subbing list. He said at the beginning of January he needed me to do that.

December came and went in a blur and I received news on my thyroid problem. In January it became a struggle to even get off the couch. I told my husband that there was no way I could teach in the condition I was in. He suggested I do whatever it took to get on the sub-list, so when I was feeling better I could start teaching.

I found out that not only did I have to apply to the school board, but I ALSO had to fill out some forms to get a teaching certificate before I could do anything else. With all the paperwork and stuff I had to do, it could take a month or more to get on the list. Did I fill out the forms?...What do you think?

February I was feeling better, so Steve kept getting on my case to fill out the forms...Every week he would ask "Did you fill out your paperwork?" I always forgot....Did I fill out the forms? On February 28th. Was I done yet? What do you think?

I filled out the forms online, but I had to still print them off, sign them and send them in. Day after day, Steve would ask "Did you sign and send those forms in yet?" He was beginning to sound like my Dad. I can't believe I'm still doing the things I did when I was 12!

So did I finally send them in? The answer is...YES! It only took 3 months. But I did it. With much prodding and nagging from my loving husband. So it could be another month or so before I get to teach, but hey....I got to it eventually didn't I?


Anonymous said...

ha ha, I have to chuckle because I too am a major procrastonator! For instance our passport forms have been filled out and neatly sitting in my kitchen for over 4 months, and my hubby has asked me at least 2, 3 times a month to get them in the mail!! Good thing we have no travel plans anytime soon lol! So good on ya for getting yours finished :)

Kindra said...

Good! It's nice to hear I'm not the only one. Gotta love irresponsibility ;)

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