This is "Da Scoop". Or "Scoobalicious". Or "Scoop Da Loop"

Steve and I have given Eva a lot of nicknames...and I mean A LOT.

It all started when she was just a newborn babe, and we started calling her "Pooper".
This started to evolve into "Pooper Scooper", "The Poop", "The Scoop", "Poopy Scoopy", and any other forms of the word "poop" and "scoop" you can think of.

This evolved even more into "Goob" and "Scoob"....which has become "Da Goob", "Gooby Baby", "Scooby", "Scooby Dooby" get the picture. I actually couldn't count how many nicknames she has. Steve was trying to get her attention one day by calling her "Eva" and she wouldn't pay attention. I wonder why? Now call her "Pooper" and she might talk business with you.

She even has her own little song I made up especially for her. She enjoys when I sing it to her because its just a bunch of jibber jabber...jibber jabber is what she does best. I will share my silly Eva song with you (be glad you aren't hearing me actually sing it. I'm completely tone deaf...too bad for my musician husband.)

Poopy Scoop
(To the tune of "Little Green Frog")

"Scoop Doop" went the little Poopy Scoop one day,
"Scoop Doop" went the little Poopy Scoop
"Scoop Doop" went the little Poopy Scoop one day,
So they all went "Scoop Doop Ah!"

But we all know Scoops go
"Scoop Dee Scoop Dee Loop,
Scoop Dee Scoop Dee Loop,
Scoop Dee Scoop Dee Loop"
We all know Scoops go
"Scoop Dee Scoop Dee Loop"
They don't go "Scoop Doop Ah!"

(She loves singing it in the pool or bath so we can splash when we sing "Scoop Dee Scoop Dee Loop")

How could you not call this little Goob a "Pooper Scooper"? She embodies scoobalicious-ness.

Okay I'm done.


Anonymous said...

LOL, this song is awesome, that's all I can say, haha! I haven't had time to read your blog forever so I'm trying to catch up a bit, but it looks as if you have been busy and I have a lot to look through. I love it!!!


kindra said...

Do you remember the Little Green Frog song from Wilkie Kiddie Pool swimming lessons?

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