From Drab to Fab

That's probably the dorkiest title I've ever written.

I've discovered a new blog I love. She loves photography, cooking, and is a great writer...sounds like the perfect blog for me to read. Well it is...Check it out here.

From her post today, I learned how to make a normal ol' photo look fab. It was this little trick she did in Photoshop. I have always wanted to learn new tricks for photoshop, and this one was a gem. I updated this post with the new pics I altered.

My photo went from this:

To this:

And this:

To this:

Pretty nifty lil trick (did I just say nifty?) She's apparently starting a new blog about Photography and Photoshop. I am insanely excited about this, and if photography interests you at all you should keep your eyes peeled. I know I will be.


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