When will I ever learn??

It frequently happens that in the morning when I get up and stumble my way in a sleep drunk stupor to my baby's room to wake her up for the day, I don't change her diaper. Not just yet. Why you may ask? Because I've just woken up and am still rubbing the sleep from my eyes and don't want to deal with a squirmy baby who is itchin' for her milk. I always reason I will give her her milk first, drink a lil coffee so I perk up a bit and THEN change it. Although FREQUENTLY I instantly regret doing that when I see the lil poo streaks sliding down the legs of her sleeper 20 minutes later. It's happened 3 times this week.

This morning when picked her up and said good morning, it crossed my mind that I should change her diaper. But when I realized her cloth diapers were 3 floors down in the dryer, I couldn't be bothered to get them just yet....I reasoned "it'll be fine...she probably just peed."

After her bottle and some applesauce I put her in her excersaucer to play while I drank my coffee. Enjoying the wonderful aroma and smooth caffeine caress, I looked over to see MAJOR poo streaks trickling down Eva's legs. UGH!! Serves me right.

I immediately went downstairs, gathered up all of her cloth diapers and brought them upstairs. This was going to be a doozey. Sure enough, it was a poo explosion. It was EVERYWHERE.

Have I learned my lesson you may ask?? Well I did bring her cloth diapers upstairs, so it won't happen again for at least another few days.... Am I sick of the poo stains on Eva's clothes? Yes...yes I am. So did I really learn my lesson? I hope so...until the next time her diapers are in the dryer 3 floors down and I'm too lazy to get them.


Carla said...

Too funny! Sierra doesn't get poo streaks but her clothes have a tendency to get wet with pee as a result of my laziness. There are some days with a couple of outfit changes!

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