Never Too Old To Ride A Tire Swing

This weekend has been so gorgeous, we thought we'd sneak in another walk after church. Our healthy fat burnin' walk turned into a calorie consumption stroll.

We got slurpee's.

But not just any slurpee's....sno bob slurpee's.

Don't know what a sno bob is you say? Nothing but creamy, dreamy soft serve vanilla ice cream on top of slurpee that's what. How excited am I about this delicious treat?

While we consumed our multitudes of slurpee, ice cream, candy and chocolate, we decided to take Eva to the park to play on the swings. Good ol' fashioned tire swings.

Eva LOVED the tire swings.

And I love this man.

All the fresh air tuckered Eva out even before we got home.

She didn't even stir as Stephen unbuckled her and took her upstairs to bed.

Too much tire swing excitement.


MiaBlz said...

As I looked over your blog it made me smile for the day to see a family as happy as yours. Thanks for the smile today much enjoyed.

kindra said...

Hey thanks for the comment! It put a lil smile on my face too.

Carla said...

Where did you get your ice cream/slurpees? I love those!

kindra said...

Frank's Confectionary, about 6 or 7 blocks from us. If we have another nice day this week, you could drive over to my place and then we could go for a walk with the babes and get sno bobs :)

Anonymous said...

WOW, I love how you capture all these amazing moments. Eva's laughing expression is so precious and your guys are all just so cute! Tarilie

Anonymous said...

Oh, by the way, remember how we called Snow Bobs, the all creative, slush floats in Wilkie, haha! Tarilie

kindra said...

I sure do! I ALWAYS called them floats until my friend filled me in that they are called "Sno Bobs"...for awhile I continued to call them floats out of habit, but when you order them, you have to call them by their rightful name. It's hard to break a habit sometimes!

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