Girls Night

On Friday, Steve and a bunch of guys were supposed to go camping in the mountains. A couple of us wives decided that since the men were going to be away...we should play. So we started planning a girls night, complete with fondue, slushy drinks, and a game or two.

When the boys canceled their trip, they had to find something else to do while us girls had a fondue in true "boy" fashion, they hooked up X-Boxes, played shooting games and then of course...some poker.

Meanwhile us girls had a cheese fondue.

And slushy drinks.

But we never quite made it to the games. There were too many of these rugrats around. (There's one missing)

It was hard to get Eva to look at the camera. She was so mesmerized by her new friend Aiden (who wouldn't be with those startling baby blues?)

Eva and Brooklyn also had their first fight over toys.

Amidst the crying, toy stealing, poopy diapers, feedings, late-night crankings because it was past their games. But of course us girls still had a great time. It was nice to do something different and get together even just to talk (since that seems to be what we do best :)

See? A happy mom.

But I think next girls night, it's the boys turn to take care of the babies.


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