War of the Soother

* Pictures taken from Audrey's facebook.

There once were two babies who were good friends.

Such good friends that one baby thought she would pet the other baby gently. Oh what good friends!

There was no doubt that one baby was bigger than the other. But it's okay, because they are such good friends...right?

Oh look how happy they are together! One baby with his soother, the other smiling politely at him.

No longer happy about the smaller baby enjoying his soother, the bigger baby got an idea. She wanted that tasty looking soother for herself so she STOLE it from the smaller baby. (Some friends they are!)

The bigger baby doesn't even like soothers! She doesn't even know how to use them, yet she thought she would exert her strength over the smaller baby. Poor smaller baby! He's stunned over the bigger baby's forceful stealing.

The mommy's fixed the situation! Yay mommy's! Now both babies have a soother.

Oh look...the babies are happy friends again.

Once again the bigger baby thought she didn't have enough soothers...so she took the smaller babies new soother.


Once again....she has no idea how to use it.

Mommy's to the resuce again! How about no soothers for anybody?
Problem solved.

The end.


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