Can't Stop the Flow

Eva goes to my friend Richelle's every Thursday while I am at work and she plays with her little bud Brooklyn. When I got to Richelle's after work she was apologizing and saying Brookie got sick during the day and started throwing up...she had no idea he was sick, so she was hoping Eva wouldn't get it.

I figured "Ah whatever...babies get big deal." I completely forgot about it until yesterday when my little girl began upchucking her morning bottle. Later I went to put her in bed and found this tiny little splotch of slimey yellow on the floor. I thought "aww...she must have had another little puke." I put her in her crib only to discover another little yellow splotch on her shirt. I wiped it up, said good night and walked out. A few minutes later I looked down at my own shirt to discover a BIG slimey yellow splotch on MY shirt. "How did her puke get on MY shirt?" I thought. I went into her room to check for my slimey yellow puke only to discover the source of the goop...coming out the side of her bum. Yeah. A pregnant lady with morning sickness cannot deal with that kind of disgustingness, so my hubby stepped up and got the job done...and had to do it a few more times as well.

I figured it was over. She hadn't puked. Hadn't diarrhea-ed in a while...okay we're all good.

Then this morning I wake up with a nasty churning in MY stomach. Much worse than the morning sickness I have been having. So needless to say, my girl and I have been a couple of unlucky saps with nastyness coming out of both ends. I think I got it much worse than her though. I can't stop throwing up and I have been watching episodes of the Office all day, since I can barely get up off the couch. She has at least been pleasant and playing with toys...although sometimes she will crawl and just roll over and play dead like a trained puppy. She just kind of lays there whining. Then she'll roll over and take a few more crawls and then just stop and plop over on her back. Poor little thing.

My mother-in-law is a full time missionary nurse in Guatemala and she is coming home tonight to stay with us for 7 weeks. I spent time getting the house ready and cleaning for her arrival but left a few things for myself to do now I'm all paranoid about not getting the house totally clean since I can't stop throwing up. I'm sure she'll understand. I just feel bad she hasn't seen our family in a year and Eva and I will both be pathetic little sickies.


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