I Swear I'm Not a Senior

I've been a bit of a band-aid lately...doctors appointments and sickness galore. After Eva and my poo and puke explosion this weekend, Steve decided to jump on the sick train with us. This is sure a nasty stomach bug going around. I think we are all finally recovered and pooing normally (sorry :)

To top off all that, my tail bone started to really hurt on Monday. There is a big red painful lump on it and after much googling and wikipediaing every website pointed to "Pilonidal Cysts". It's this painful infected cyst that always ends up on the tail bone, and the doctors have to drain it and get rid of the pus and then they continually just come back and you have to do it all over again. Great. Luckily I saw my doctor today and that was her first thought as well, but upon further inspection there is a good chance it might just be a boil. That makes me sound like I'm 60 but I'm pumped that it might only be a boil. That means no incision to drain it and it might not be a recurring thing. Hooray! So as painful as it is to sit down, I've got a heating pad wrapped around my bum and I'm trying to draw out the infection without drugs or an incision. Am I really only 24?

On the upside, at the doctor's today we got to hear the baby's heartbeat! There was no problem at all in finding it today and the babe had a strong 165 bpm heartbeat. It was pretty exciting for Steve and I.

So there you have it...boils, cysts, and diarrhea. Bet you're glad you stopped by today ;)


Vanessa said...

LOL, I think disease-ridden young people are sexy. We've been through a similar bit with lots of sickness and our family doctor was mentioning to expect quite a bit this year because we're going through a natural cycle of increased viral infections and ailments in Alberta. Yay! Lots to look forward to.

I'm relieved that you got to hear the heartbeat today! Any day now you should start to feel the baby move too!

LIAM said...

awwwwesome. don't worry though. Pregnancy is the best exceuse for sicky nastyness all over your body. It's weird because when I was pregnant I have never felt more beautiful, but at the same time I've never been more nasty. You can't shave, you get stretch marks, you get huge and puffy...then you get incisions and scars when your appendix busrts..but it's all worth it when little baby comes.
p.s. glad about the heartbeat...best noise ever eh?

Mandy said...

Awww..sorry to hear about you guys being sick. Hope you are feeling better. But I'm very happy to hear you heard your baby's hearbeat. That's a relief! Take care!

Carla said...

I'm happy to hear that you heard the heart beat!

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