No Sound

I went for my second prenatal appointment on Monday, and since I am just days away from the 12 week mark, I figured for sure I'd be able to hear my baby's heartbeat AND get out of this first trimester.

But after my doctor searched for a good 10 minutes she still had not found the heartbeat. She assured us we shouldn't worry...apparently I have a uterus that tilts backwards which would make it difficult to find the heartbeat. After doing an internal she also determined that my uterus felt to be about the size of a 10 week fetus. What?! So just as I'm nearing the 12 week finish line, I'm set back a week and a half. Then why the heck is my bump so freakin' huge?! I haven't gained any weight yet...just a rounded protrusion that is much bigger than it should be.

My doc has scheduled me for an appointment again next week so we can try to hear the heartbeat again. Not being able to hear the heartbeat is making me so was also nerve wracking to hear the fetus is smaller than we thought. Steve and I KNOW almost to the minute when we conceived, so it's weird that I wouldn't be as far along.

I know worrying won't do us any good, so I will stop now. Please pray for my baby.


Vanessa said...

Hang in there. I know how you feel, I also have always measured 1 1/2 weeks behind with this one, which is weird considering how tall Nialle and I are. From all accounts our baby is thriving, but it looks like he/she will be born small.

It's nice that your doctor is scheduling another appointment for you next week. I didn't get to hear the heartbeat at 3 months and my doctor told me everything was OK and that we'd wait until 4 month checkup to hear things.

I'll definitely pray for you! Keep us posted.

Carla said...

Prayers are with you! I'm sure everything is fine.

Jules said...

The same thing happened to me! Should have been almost 12 weeks, no heart beat and measured at 10 weeks so I had a ultra sound at the hospital and everything was fine! Keep your chin up I am sure everything will be ok!! We will be thinking of you :)

Kindra said...

I so appreciate your encouragement. I'm glad my doc is being so thorough with us...probably because she was the doc to go through the miscarriage with us. It's really nice she's putting our minds at ease by scheduling another appt. to hear the heartbeat, and if she doesn't she's going to schedule an emergency ultrasound. Thanks for your prayers! I'll keep you posted...I'm sure everything is fine.

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